You can earn up to $1440.00 a month making

       Faithful Heart Ankle Bracelets!


We pay $120.00 for each unit of 30 Ankle Bracelets.

You can send as many as 3 units a week for payment!

That's $360.00 a week!

Our Faithful Heart Ankle Bracelets are made out of embroidery thread simply by braiding and tying knots.

To get started, you can register with us for only $29.77 now $25.00! (includes shipping) and we will send your start-up package right away.

Your package will include step by step instructions, photos and materials to make your first 3 "Faithful Heart" Ankle Bracelets.
After completing your first one, simply mail it back to us for approval. Once approved, we will rush you supplies to make your first unit of 30 at
no charge!

Additional supplies are available through us or your local craft store.
The low supply cost of $10.00 will be reimbursed along with each unit payment.
We also reimburse up to $5.00 for shipping cost per unit.

If you decide that our program is not for you, return your Start-up Kit within 30 days for a refund of the registration fee minus a $5.00
restocking fee for a refund of $15.00*.
Disponible en Espanol!


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 * $15.00 is the refund amount if the kit is purchased at the regular price of $29.77.  If the kit is purchased while it is on sale then the refund amount will be less.